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Exception Handling

All the exceptions in just functional derive from the JustFunctionalBaseException so you can use only one catch. Below is a high level explanation of all other exceptions

Exception Throws when Example
JustFunctionalBaseException Base exception class  
ExpressionIsNullOrEmptyException When Expression Is Null Or Empty Exception  
MissingOperandException When there is a operator with less operands that required 5+ or -*5
MissingOperatorException When there are operands that need a operator that is missing 5X or 4+5)
SyntaxErrorInExpressionException General syntax error exception Xabc2. In here operator abc is not defined
VariableUndefinedException When the expression needs a variable that is not passed in the Context Only applies when using PredefinedVariablesProvider


    string fx = "Y+3";
    Function f = _functionFactory.Create(fx);
    var result = f.Evaluate(new EvaluationContext(new Dictionary<string, decimal>() {["X"] = 3}));
catch (JustFunctionalBaseException e)
    //Syntax error cause Y is not recognized....

What’s next

You can learn the more about the Low Level Components or go to the docs.